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Pregnancy Chiropractic at Rooted in Wellness Chiropractic

When you’re pregnant, your body is changing constantly as it works to grow and nurture a new little person. All of these changes can cause stress in the nervous system, which in turn can result in common pregnancy symptoms of lower back and leg pain, poor sleep and overall discomfort.

But just because these symptoms are common doesn’t mean they’re normal! Society and the media have conditioned us to believe that pregnancy is a terrible, painful ordeal that our bodies are subjected to.

The truth is, your body was designed with the innate intelligence to know how to make a new human and, when interference is removed from your nervous system so proper brain-body communication can take place, allowing for a comfortable and enjoyable pregnancy and delivery.

Our approach

At Rooted in Wellness Chiropractic, the focus of our practice is on providing gentle, nurturing care and education to our pregnant practice members, to empower them to have the best pregnancy and delivery possible.

Dr. Jo Anne is certified in webster technique, which is a system of analyzing and correcting imbalances in the sacrum and pelvis. By keeping your pelvis and uterus properly balanced and aligned, there is more room for your baby to grow and develop, and to get into the best position possible for a straightforward delivery.

We use special pillows to keep you comfortable. Dr. Jo Anne will design your care plan to meet your individual needs and preferences, and she can modify adjustments as needed. We use torque release technique® and thompson drop table, which are both low-force techniques that are safe during pregnancy.
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Benefits of care

Of course, pain relief is a big benefit for our practice members. But most moms report that the biggest benefit of prenatal Chiropractic care is an easier delivery. Research confirms that women who receive regular adjustments while pregnant have significantly shorter delivery times and fewer interventions and complications.

Get started today

The sooner you begin care, the more time we have to help ensure a comfortable pregnancy and smooth delivery. Book online today.

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